What You’ll be doing

As a Sparkbox Frontend Design Apprentice, you’ll spend 4 months with our team, learning the skills needed to be a web designer in today’s quickly changing responsive web world. You’ll start by learning to write semantic HTML and CSS and quickly progress to working on projects where you create wireframes and interface design. We’ll guide you through the iterative design process, point out things to keep in mind, and help you arrive at a compelling visual concept. During that process, you’ll learn to code your concepts like a pro, using Sass to help write, manage, and compile your CSS.

By the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll have the skills to function as a full-fledged frontend designer. You’ll also have a couple projects behind you and knowledge to tackle what’s next.


How badly do you want it? What you provide to us is very important—this is your opportunity to present your case. Choose your answers wisely, my friend!

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