Apprenticeships at Sparkbox

Sparkbox is a team that values education. We offer paid apprenticeships because we love what we do, we want to share with new talent, and we genuinely care about the future of the web.

What we look for

Qualities of Successful Apprentices

We build responsive, standards-compliant, content-focused, well-crafted, accessible, valuable, beautiful websites and apps, and we’re looking for some beginner web creators that want to do the same.

Passion, character, and initiative are a requirement, and we’re looking for those who have at least a beginning knowledge of web development fundamentals. This apprenticeship will help build your technical and professional skill set, as we take a holistic approach to develop you into the sort of individual we’d want to hire. And we may do just that!

We’re looking for folks interested in one of our three apprenticeship tracks:

  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Frontend Design
  • UI/UX Design

What we’re looking for most, however, are individuals who are excited to make their mark on the web industry. In your application, provide anything and everything you can that will convince us you are the best fit for this opportunity.

The three qualities sparkbox looks for in apprentices: Passion, Character, and Initiative.

Previous Apprentices

Current Employee

Past Employee


  • Marissa Huysentruytcurrent employee
  • Teresita Isidro
  • Jared Kohrtprevious employee
  • Bennett Smrdelprevious employee


  • Osmond Arnestocurrent employee
  • Theo Gaineycurrent employee
  • Meg Howe


  • Angus Changprevious employee
  • Alice Russell


  • Rise Erpeldingcurrent employee
  • Flash Goodenprevious employee
  • Sheridan McKisickcurrent employee


  • Hunter Kecaprevious employee
  • Luis Hernandezprevious employee
  • Susmita Bhowmik


  • Merani Cosmecurrent employee


  • Colby Allenprevious employee
  • Jhilene Walker


  • Dakota Sexton
  • Melissa Thompsoncurrent employee


  • Yosevu Kilonzoprevious employee
  • Corinne Lingprevious employee
  • Travis Sanonprevious employee


  • Betty Baker
  • Heather Taylorprevious employee


  • Rachel Broering
  • Andrew Spencerprevious employee


  • Bennett Chidoro
  • Nathan Jacobsprevious employee
  • Catherine Meadecurrent employee
  • Brittany Webb


  • Kasey Bonifaciocurrent employee
  • Lauren Dorman
  • Dan Rosenthal


  • Michael Flores
  • Divya Sasidharanprevious employee


  • Eddie Bonk
  • Jacob Flohre
  • Neil Renickerprevious employee


  • Linnie Jupe
  • Ethan Mullerprevious employee

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